The Fuzztones – Lysergic Emanations

Hound Gawd! Records

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The Fuzztones – Lysergic Emanations
Label: Hound Gawd! Records
Format Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
A1 - 1-2-5
A2 - Gotta Get Some
A3 - Journey To Tyme
A4 - Ward 81
A5 - Radar Eyes
A6 - Cinderella
A7 - Just Once
A8 - She’s Wicked
B1 - Highway 69
B2 - Strychnine
B3 - As Time’s Gone
B4 - Living Sickness
B5 - Bad News Travels Fast (John Peel Session)
B6 - She’s Wicked (John Peel Session)
B7 - Epitaph For A Head (John Peel Session)
B8 - Cinderella (John Peel Session)
B9 - Green Slime (John Peel Session)

30th Anniversary Edition, with Free Poster