Friends of Dorothy - The Man Without DNA

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Friends of Dorothy - The Man Without DNA

Label: Ken Rock/ Henry Fiats Open Records
Format: Vinyl, LP. (Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl)

A1 -  Intro
A2 -  Duck And Cover
A3 - Who Am I
A4 -  The Man Without DNA
A5 -  I'm Bigger Than God
A6 -  Commander of Universe
A7 -  I Am Your Light
A8 - The New Commandments

B1 - Life Belongs To Me
B2 - Death For The Eye, Death For The Tooth
B3 - First Strike and Your Out
B4 - Dressed For Success (in The Straitjacket Tonight)
B5 - Disgrace For The Human Race
B6 - Delusions of Grandeur Meglomania
B7 - Gotta Go Out Tonight
B8 - I Will Be Back Part II